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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Call It What It Is

Sometimes I get spam in my inbox. Today was one of those days. Amid the junk emails I saw the title: Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions.

What's semi-permanent?

I literally laughed. I mean, I get the idea . . . no, really I don't. They're either permanent or they're not. Right?

But it got me thinking about writing. I know, everything gets me thinking about writing (or dogs--to be fair). I haven't committed to calling myself a writer. I feel like that's something I'm striving to be. But really, what will change that mental status? I'm sure I could think of a few things, but who's to say reaching those goals will actually change my frame of mind? New doubts could creep in. New fears could make me push that title at bay. 

Making a commitment is hard. But no one said good things come from taking the easy way.

And what's so scary about calling myself a writer anyway? Perhaps it's time to call it like it is. It's time to stop being afraid to commit to something.

I'm a writer. And loving it.

How about you? Have you committed to anything lately? 


Anonymous said...

Sarah, You are a writer.
It was a pleasure to meet you today at the Great Lakes workshop. I hope to see you again.

Laura Bethuy

Reagan Philips said...

Thank you, Laura! You are too! And it was wonderful to meet you as well.

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