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Monday, November 3, 2014

Pitch Wars: A Novel Idea

I'm lucky enough to be able to participate in Pitch Wars this year. I have an awesome mentor, I've met a bunch of other writers who are just as passionate as I am, and I feel like my writing has been validated. All in all, it's a great experience. And I love it.

My novel is a YA urban fantasy titled: WITCHER.

When seventeen-year-old Allie wishes she can talk to her deceased mother, becoming a ghost isn’t what she has in mind. But she accidentally unleashes a curse that's turning her into one. 

Cody, the one-handed boy next door, can save her by taking her place--and he's willing--but Allie can't bear to lose someone else she loves. 

But why did I write this particular novel?

The idea came from a question: What if a girl went witching for bodies and accidentally summoned the dead.

Do you know what water witching is? How about water dowsing? It's when you use a certain kind of rod, called a witching rod (or sometimes two, depending on the type you're using), to try and locate an underground water source. If you're really curious you can check it out

The thing is, you can witch for all kinds of things--including bodies. Because I've actually tried this, I thought it would be a fun story question. And it was, but not so much for my characters who actually summon the ghost. A ghost bent on vengeance. And she plans to get her vengeance by trading placing with Allie, and making her the ghost.

It's not the only reason I chose to write this book, though. I wanted to write a story about forgiveness. And most importantly, about looking into your scarred past and learning to forgive yourself.

This is part of a blog hop with other 2014 Pitch Wars participants. So share the love, and check out a behind-the-scenes look at these other great stories!

Tracie Martin: WILD IS THE WIND


Janet Walden-West said...

I'm deep in the southeast, so you still see people using dowsing rods, especially in the summer.
From one UF writer to another, fingers crossed for Witcher in the agent round!

Natalie Williamson said...

Love this premise! Good luck tomorrow!

Tracie Martin said...

Ooooo....we might be writing-sisters: my novel's about ghosts and dead mothers, too! Must be something in the water. ;) Good luck!

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