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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Good Book

Have you ever tasted a good book?  

Maybe it’s because I’m a synesthete that tasting words is such a powerful metaphor to me, but I feel like other people must know what I am talking about; connection.  What is it that draws us into a story within just a few lines?  I mean what is it that carries through in those first sentences that resonates to some piece of our very core and snatches our undivided attention—makes us feel that we have, no need, to read the whole story?   

I wish I knew.  I wish I could duplicate it every time I put my fingers to the keyboard.  The feeling, the reality, the mood all come so alive in the first few phrases that we are there, a part of it; invested.  

What creates the investment?  I used to think it was enough to have such a passion for your work that others would sense it through your words; but I was wrong.  It is an ingredient, but not enough.  Words help.  The right words.   

A powerful tool whether we taste them or not, words create a picture.  Amazing right--that human imagination should be tied so vibrantly to concrete symbols.  But organized artfully words can create not only pictures, but emotion.  Beat.  Life.  Words are not just the heart of a story, but the soul too—the spine of our investment. 

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