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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Write From the Heart

It takes a brave person to write from the heart. 

If you write from the heart, you put a piece of yourself out there.  In print.  Vulnerable.  Others can freely read, react to, critique, laugh with, enjoy, and even own. 


In a sense, yes.  Once someone reads your words they become a source of thoughts or emotions in that person.  It's like irreversible change.  It gives readers a feeling of belonging with your words; a sense of ownership, pride even.  

Think about it.  What's your favorite book?  That's right, YOUR favorite.  You already have a sense of belonging associated with that specific story.  Human emotion is so clingy that way.  You read it, you own it.  Somewhere, in your heart.   It becomes a part of you. 

Your words create impact each time someone gets lost in them.  Scary, because something so potent can be easily dismissed if the impact isn't there, or shunned if the wrong emotions or thoughts are provoked.  The thing is, you won't elicit the same feelings from everyone.  It's a risk you take when you put your heart--read: writing--out there. 

It's downright scary even.  But also exciting when your passion becomes someone else's!  Since you can't please everyone, why not write what's in your heart?  

The passion isn't in the pencil, it's in the heart, the words should come from there. 

1 comment:

Jaimie said...

Writing from the heart. YES!! That's what I'm doing my best to do, to be just ME. To be true to myself and what I know. Writing what I know is easiest, and when I write fiction or poetry I try to use my imagination more and write (and research) things I'm not so familiar with. But on my blog, I write about my own thoughts, experiences and things I'm learning. I've found that people can relate most easily to me that way, because chances are good that at least one other person has had an experience like mine.

I totally agree with what you said here! :) Sorry this is such a long comment, lol :D

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