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Friday, November 18, 2011


Mood can have a profound effect on...well everything!

It's November, and some snow has already fallen on the ground. One of the traditions I started was making Christmas cookies right after the first official snow of the year. Because of that, the first snow makes me giddy for the Christmas season. The season of joy and music and time shared with family and friends, the season of Jesus' birth. It's almost like the first snow makes me feel warm inside.

That's something worth capturing. A good time to sit down and rethink what has the power to change your mood. Those are the things stories are built on. Too often we rely on sunsets or dialogue to dictate the mood of a scene when there is SO much more out there.

Sometimes I think the more we learn about ourselves and what makes us tick, the more we have to take advantage of to add spice to our writing.  Embrace your quirks; when you pour yourself into your writing, the more alive it will become. A sunrise is beautiful, but when it reminds you of that morning you spent with your grandfather before he lost his mind to Alzheimer's, the mood becomes enhanced, layered, real.

What has the power to change your mood?

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